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We all know a friend , relative or co-worker , who is giving guitar lessons at a music school nearby in the neighborhood , or with a guitar teacher... In this article I will try to make a number of considerations that we should know , before learn to play the guitar, and also is valid to any other musical instrument in which we want to start.

We should note that for learning to play the guitar or any musical instrument there is a learning curve learning harder or higher than other instruments.

Choose the guitar style you want to learn

This point is crucial to know what style we like. Depending on the style, you must buy or use a type of guitar. In this list you can see the most popular guitar styles:

  • Acustic guitar
  • Electric guitar (rock)
  • Electric guitar (pop)
  • Electric guitar (metal)
  • Electric guitar (country)
  • Electric guitar (jazz)
  • Electric guitar (blues)
  • Classic guitar
  • Flamenco guitar

guitar styles

Once we have chosen the style of guitar that we like, we choose a guitar to start. There is in this sense a dispute or mistake on the part of students who will receive guitar lessons when choosing a guitar to start. you do not have to buy a professional guitar but you should not do just the opposite, choosing a bad guitar to start. Many students choose an old guitar in poor or purchase a used guitar to try.

Choose the type of strings

We have three types of strings sorted by tension.

  1. Low tension
  2. Medium tension/li>
  3. High tension

To learn, we will choose low tension strings,because you have not the force in his right hand, if we choose strings of medium or high voltage will not perform the exercises correctly and will cost more. We will tire before and we won't be able repeat the exercise as many times until you are able to machine the exercise.

This is a mistake because a guitar in bad shape it will sound bad and it will be more difficult for you play the guitar, as they usually shabby guitars have very separate mast ropes. If the fingers of your left hand is not exercised because you are a novice, try stepping on these ropes, it will not sound anything. Any professional would be difficult blow this type of guitar, you can imagine what it will be to a newbie. newbie will see that does not sound the guitar, he will leave his fingers in the attempt and will end up bored..

Therefore, it is crucial to choose a guitar in good condition to facilitate learning from scratch. There are guitars in the market between 200 and 400 Euros that are perfect to begin. You must also set the guitar bridges, since manufactures guitars are not artesanal guitars. For example, in the case of a classical Spanish and flamenco guitar, you can change the plastic bridges to a bone and adjust the height of these as you like, always being careful for that strings do not touch the mastil when to vibrate).

flamenco guitar

Once we have chosen the guitar it's time to choose what kind of classes, where and how to get guitar lessons. We have 3 options:

  1. Free guitar lessons
  2. Guitar lessons (city).
  3. Online guitar lessons (online school)

Free guitar lessons

Today on internet we can find thousands of totally free guitar lessons for example enter youtube the keyword "guitar lessons" and watch thousands of videos.
Has the advantage that are free but in most cases the pupil does not follow a methodology in learning and here's the first rookie mistake.
Without a clear, concise and structured metodlogía, the pupil not going to learn to play the guitar properly and will finish bored.
For the simple reason that we will have a lot of information about learning but we will not know how to prioritize to these guitar lessons.
We must bear in mind that the first few months to learn to play the guitar properly will need to do a lot of exercises and drills and boring tediosos will not sound like anything and are essential to obtain a basis for forward progression.
So if you want to learn to play the four chords of superficial way, this option is valid for you.
With this option you will not learn to play the guitar. But yes, you will be able to play few chords on guitar. There will be exceptions as in all fields there are people who are gifted and choosing good information you can get very far but are rare cases and that without following a methodology and discipline is also virtually impossible to learn to play guitar.

Guitar lessons in your city or town

Another way to get guitar lessons is to find a teacher or a music school in your city or town.
Its advantages have a classroom teacher, which answer all your questions or problems as long as you have hired. It also has the advantage that is in your city and you can scroll for classes. There are also schools of music which have hired guitar teachers where you can get your classes through school.
Has the disadvantage that in most cases guitar lessons are charged by the hour and are usually quite expensive compared to the content that can be found today in the network. You should choose a teacher that suits your needs and knows how to teach. The latter point is most important. We can find geniuses playing guitar but they do not know teach and have no vocation for teaching.
You also have the option to enter the conservatory of music and get a degree in classical guitar if you like very much and want to spend most of the time of your life to this instrument. It usually starts with guitar teachers and once this teacher can not teach you anything more then access the music conservatory if you want to dedicate your life to the instrument and the music. But you should try first and see if you really like.
The conservatory is quite expensive and you need a very iron discipline because not only learn to play guitar if you do not get a lot of theory in music theory, chamber, harmony ... etc..

Online guitar lessons

This last option is access to a online guitar school, where you learn guitar online from home, at your own pace. Lately, are emerging many such applications that give guitar lessons of the guitar styles that you like . In this case, we have developed a method to be able to see both hands of the teacher as if you were taking the class in person. The advantages of our online guitar lessons are primarily the cost reduced by 80% compared to live guitar lessons. Also, you can see the video lessons or audiolecciones 24 hours a day without leaving your home.
With online guitar lessons you have the advantage of following a methodology from scratch and supporting materials, that you can use whenever you need it. Tablature or sheet music, audio and video materials, are to be used in online guitar lessons. You can see this guitar lessons to get an idea of how the guitar lessons will be taught

Guitar lessons

Once we know where we are going to take guitar lessons, we must answer us the following question:

How long should I devote to guitar lessons?

Before starting, everyone asks the following question: How long will it take to learn to play guitar? and how long I can play guitar decently with something that sounds good to the ear ?. Like everything in life, some people are more capable than others when learning in any field. But what is clear is that even if you are a genius, if you do not spend time, you will not get satisfactory results. Will advance more a person with less power who devotes time, effort and discipline, a person with more power you devote less time.

I must have some previous training in music or music theory?

No. It is not necessary to learn to play guitar, have prior training. As you learn the different exercises you will learn to read tablature or encrypted or tablatures.
Encryption is a system for reading notes or chords easier than the solfeo guitar. If you want and like and can introduce you to an advanced level in the world of sheet music where you need to learn the language of a musical score in order to interpret the guitar.

Demo guitar lessons

In the following videos and links you can watch for free guitar lessons

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