Terms of services


In 2guitarras any student who subscribes to any guitar course have access to the material in the guitar course/courses (video, audio, text and tab) as long as the student is signed up for the course. Once the subscription period ended, the student will not have access to course content.

Students may renew your subscription to the guitar course/courses that are subscribed

In 2guitarras there are three subscription periods for any guitar course. Monthly, semi-annual and annual.

The student can evaluate any course which has been previously subscribed.

The student may direct any questions to the teacher who can answer privately or publicly. If the teacher believes that the question asked by the student may be of interest to other students, may make this public question at any time.

2guitarras uses paypal as a payment platform. Students may subscribe to any guitar course listed in 2guitarras through this platform.

The student can access the courses to which he is subscribed with his user account on this web site.

The student may cancel this account from the option to edit basic profile.

As a student, you accept and agree to these terms of use and conditions, the privacy policy and cookies policy of 2guitarras.com from the moment you check in at this web site via registration form or any social network available on the registration page.

Once you sign in in guitar school, you authorize to 2guitarras.com send to your inbox email that you previously have provided us information about the new guitar lessons that have been published in courses that you are subscribed and information about new articles have been published in 2guitarras.com blog . If you want to stop getting emails, you can cancel this option unchecking the box "Receive notifications" from Settings -> Edit basic profile.

The student is entitled to remain in school the specified time when hiring a subscription either monthly, semiannual or annual. Once hired any subscription will not be possible to refund of the subscription. The service contracted by the student, is perfectly detailed before being paid.

If the student decides to cancel his account during the subscription period, you will not be refunded the amount of the subscription.


Only school teachers guitar have access to this content.